Realized more than 100 TV ad campaigns, bought more than 100 000 TV rating points; placed more than 100 000 ООH constructions etc. For the period of our cooperation market share of Life:) increased from 12% to 16%.

Allianz Україна

As a result of the advertising campaign that comprised of news spots, direct spot TV and online advertising, press and outdoor advertising, the brand awareness of Allianz Ukraine reached 20%.


Support for a new brand (product) image using online video advertising. Targeted placement on core websites has led to an increase of website visitors more than 20 times.


Comprehensive multi-media advertising campaign in support of new product output increased target audience brand awareness from zero to 27%.


Online strategy with the main objective to increase online sales of services was proposed (developed) and implemented for Volia Cable company. Successful combination of contextual advertising, СРА-model and Social Media Marketing led to an increase in online sales response by 29%.

Good Food

TV advertising of Good Food trade mark let to 39% increase of product sales.


Long-term support of trade mark’s leading positions in brand awareness and sales. TV commercials’ series rotation upraised the meme phrase “iMolodets!” in the minds of Ukrainians.


TV and outdoor advertising campaign increased consumers’ intention to use banking services by 30%.

112 channel

Successful and timely launch of advertising campaign using non-standard OOH, SMM, online advertorials and banner advertising contributed to achieving 0.5% share of TV reviews among the target audience and the third position among competing channels.


A large-scale BTL-project of illumination systems installation was implemented in twenty-two major cities of Ukraine. This project significantly improved brand perception and extended the public knowledge of its social significance.


Supporting high level of brand awareness using spot advertising and sponsorship on national TV.


The advertising campaign was implemented by integrating the animated series into the broadcast of national TV channel.

Speak Up

Integration of online promotion tools helped to increase the number of conversions and reduced their initial cost by 68%.


Increase of awareness and loyalty to the international brand “NIKON” by long term placement of premium “NIKON” neon rooftop signboard in the center of Kyiv, at the main Ukrainian square – the Independence Square or Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Kreschatick street.


OOH advertising placement of “ROSHEN” brand stores targeted to increase the overall awareness of the exact store location in order to attract more customers to the stores.


Creation and integration of the unique advertising spot on national TV channel for Khortytsa brand.


Developed and implemented communication strategy has brought more than 40% market share growth.

To be continued…

To be continued…

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